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HIR22-750M Series

HIR22-750M Series

SKU#: HIR22-750M Series

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HIR22-750M Series

SKU#: HIR22-750M Series

Quick Overview

Product Highlights

  • 33x (22.8-750mm) Infrared Corrected Motorized Zoom Lens

  • Special Low Dispersion Glass

  • Many Options Available

Availability: Available



The HIR22-750 lenses are powerful infrared (IR) corrected motorized zoom lenses.

The IR corrected SD Glass (special low dispersion glass) has lower chromatic abberation than ED glass (extra-low dispersion glass) which allows the lens to always stay in focus, from visible light to infrared light.

With a 22-750mm focal length the HIR22-750 can benefit almost any application.

Designed to fit a C-Mount camera with a 1/2" CCD or smaller, this can also be used on a CS-Mount camera with an additional C/CS adapter.


Special Low Dispersion Glass

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Visible Lens vs. IR Corrected Lens: Notice with this IR Corrected lens utilizing the Haze Filter:
You can see through haze revealing details in the mountains.

Visible Mode vs IR Corrected Mode with Haze Filter

Visible Mode vs IR Corrected Mode with Haze Filter

Additional Information

Export Controlled No
Product Type No Information Available.
Schematics No Information Available.
33x (22.8-750mm) Infrared Corrected Motorized Zoom Lens
OEM Lens Model Number Format IR Corrected ED or SD Glass Focal Length Iris Control Auto Focus Presets
HIR22-750M H IR 22.8-750 M    
HIR22-750M-P H IR 22.8-750 M   P
HIR22-750M-IP H IR 22.8-750 M   IP
HIR22-750V H IR 22.8-750 V    
HIR22-750V-P H IR 22.8-750 V   P
HIR22-750V-AF H IR 22.8-750 V AF  
HIR22-750V-AF-P H IR 22.8-750 V AF P
HIR22-750D H IR 22.8-750 D    
HIR22-750D-P H IR 22.8-750 D   P
HIR22-750D-AF H IR 22.8-750 D AF  
HIR22-750D-AF-P H IR 22.8-750 D AF P
* Key T=1/3"
IR=Infrared Corrected Class Focal Length V=Auto Iris, Video Type
D=Auto Iris, DC Type
M=3 Motor - Zoom Focus & Iris
AF=Auto Focus P=Presets on Zoom & Focus
IP=Presets on Zoom Focus & Iris
OEM Lens Model No. HIR22-750M Series
Format Size 1/2" 
Mount C / CS (with CS adapter)
Focal Length 22.8-750.0 mm
Max. Aperture Ratio 1 : 4.5
Iris Range F4.5 - 18  (ND filter available)
Min. Object Distance 4.0 m (9.0m Auto-Focus)
Iris  Motorized or Auto
Focus Motorized or Auto
Zoom Motorized
Angle of View (Diagonal)   19.60° (W) / 0.60° (N)
(Horizontal)   15.72° (W) / 0.48° (N)
(Vertical)   11.80° (W) / 0.36° (N)
Iris Input Voltage DC 8V-12V Manual / DC 9V-16V Auto
Current Consumption Max. 40 - 50 mA (Motor)
Response Speed Approx. 10 sec. Manual & Video Type / Approx. 3 sec. DC Type 
Input Signal Video Signal (VS or V)
Accuracy ±15% at Image Signal
Sensitivity Adjustment 0.5-1.0 Vp-p
Metering Method Average - Peak
Zoom Input Voltage DC 8V-12V (Manual) / DC 9V-16V (Auto)
Current Consumption Max. 100 mA (Motor)
Motorization Speed Approx. 6-45 sec. (Variable)
Auto Focus Input Voltage DC8V-16V
Current Consumption Max.50mA (Standby) / Max.200mA (Zoom or Focus on)
TCS (Option) Input Voltage DC 9V-12V
Current Consumption 50mA
SFS (Option) Input Voltage DC 9V-12V
Current Consumption 50mA
Applicable Wavelength 430 nm - 950 nm
Back Focal Length TBA
Flange Back Length 17.526 mm
Filter Screw Size M95.0 mm   P=1.0
Dimension ( H x W x D ) 98.0 x 106.0 x 259.1 mm
Weight (Approx.) 2500g - 2900g
  • Thermal Focus Compensation System "TCS" Option:
  • Zoom Lenses Using ED Glass or SD Glass (SD is a Better Material than ED) has Back-Focus Shifting Problem by Temperature Due to Thermal Expansion of the Lens Itself and Mechanical Parts.
  • The Thermal Focus Compensation System Monitors the Lens and Body Temperature with a Micro Processor and Automatically Adjusts the Back-Focus Correctly Depending on Lens Body Temperature. 
  • There is No Need to Refocus During Temperature Change. 
  • Selectable Filter System "SFS" Option: Internal Selectable Haze Cut Filter Used to Better View Through Hazy Locations. Other Selectable Filter Options Available)
  • Serial Communication Control "SCC" Option: RS-232C or RS-485 Communication For Lens Control
  • Auto-Focus Option Available
  • Auto-Iris Manual Override Option Available


Available Accessories for the FLIR Boson Thermal Imaging Camera

RC-IF Low Profile VPC USB VPC KIT USB/Analog VPC Kit Boson Development Board USB/CameraLink Board
Voltage Input 6-26Volts DC 5-26Volts DC 5Volts DC 5Volts DC 5-12Volts DC 5Volts DC

Voltage Output

Regulated 5Volts DC 1.8-3.3Volts DC
Power Via USB
Power 6-Pin JST
Image Control            
FFC Control
DDE Control
AGC Control
Digital Zoom
Continuous Digital Zoom
Flip / Mirror Image VIA GUI
Video via USB
Palette Select via FLIR GUI
Assignable PWM Inputs
Assignable S-Bus Inputs
Video Output            
Digital Video Output
Composite Video Outputs Available 2 2 1 USB Only SDR-26
Interface Options            
80-pin Connection
USB 3 Connection
JST Connection
Serial Communication
100/GigE Ethernet* *
Storage Options
Micro SDCard* *

* Some features may not yet be available on the FLIR brand accessories.