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Dual Sensors

RHP Boson Dual Sensor InterfaceTwo sensors allow a visible image and thermal image to be controlled and transmitted simultaneously. Engineered for drone use, the lightweight RHP-BOS-DS-IF is easy to configure and simple to connect.Options for connecting the BOS-DS-IF are:• USB• S-Bus• PWM Multiple window modes: Picture in Picture mode Allows you to view one camera in a small frame and the other camera in the background. Single View mode See the complete view of either camera..
SKU: 70320A034-6C12080
FLIR® Hadron™ PRE-INTEGRATED RGB / THERMAL MODULE The FLIR® Hadron™ is SWaP+C optimized RGB/Thermal module designed for simplicity and performance. This light weight, low power, compact form factor includes a 12MP RGB camera, Boson thermal camera (with shutter), complete integration of IMU and can operate at up to 60 Hz. Hadron’s design ensuring maximum battery life and flight time, especially for small airframes. You can now offer your customers the power of thermal with the addition ..
SKU: 437-640s95018-6X
FLIR Vue® TZ20 HIGH RESOLUTION GIMBALIZED DUAL THERMAL ZOOM PAYLOAD The dual-Boson® FLIR Vue® TZ20 plug-and-play payload is designed to improve mission success and is fully integrated with the DJI V2 Matrice 200-series and 300 airframes. This system provides a wide 95-degree field of view for maximum situational awareness and a narrow 18-degree field of view to put more pixels on target when needed. With 20X zoom capabilities, the FLIR Vue TZ20 allows drone pilots from the public safet..
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