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FLIR FC Series O Thermal Security Cameras

Model: FC-3XX ID FC-6XX ID
Array Format (NTSC) 320 × 240 640 x 480
Detector Type Long-Life, Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Spectral Range 7.5 μm to 13.5 μm
Effective Resolution 76,800 pixels 307200 pixels
Pixel Pitch Effective 34 µm (FC-344,332& 369)
17 µm (all other models)
17 µm
Thermal Frame Rate NTSC: 30 Hz - PAL: 25 Hz / 8.3 Hz
Optical Characteristics: Model Field of View* F#, Focal Length   Model Field of View* F#, Focal Length
  FC-369 ID 69°(H) × 56°(V) f/1.4, 9 mm   FC-690 ID 90°(H) × 69°(V) f/1.2, 7.5 mm
  FC-344 ID 44°(H) × 36°(V) f/1.0, 13 mm   FC-669 ID 69°(H) × 56°(V) f/1.4, 9 mm
  FC-332 ID 32°(H) × 26°(V) f/1.0, 19 mm   FC-644 ID 44°(H) × 36°(V) f/1.0, 13 mm
  FC-324 ID 24°(H) × 18°(V) f/1.0, 13 mm   FC-632 ID 32°(H) × 26°(V) f/1.0, 19 mm
  FC-317 ID 17°(H) × 13°(V) f/1.0, 19 mm   FC-625 ID 25°(H) × 20°(V) f/1.1, 25 mm
  FC-313 ID 13°(H) × 10°(V) f/1.1, 25 mm   FC-617 ID 17°(H) × 14°(V) f/1.1, 35 mm
  FC-309 ID 9.2°(H) × 7.0°(V) f/1.1, 35 mm   FC-610 ID 10°(H) × 8.2°(V) f/1.25, 60 mm
  FC-305 ID 5.4°(H) × 4.1°(V) f/1.25, 60 mm   FC-608 ID 8.6°(H) × 6.6°(V) f/1.1, 75 mm
  FC-304 ID

4.3°(H) × 3.3°(V)

f/1.1, 75 mm    


  *Denotes Horizontal x Vertical Field of View
Export These cameras can now be exported to Strategic Trade Authorized (STA) countries with 
No License Required (NLR) and only a Consignee Statement filled out.  
For a list of STA countries and other Export information visit our Export Conditions page.
E-Zoom 4x continuous E-Zoom
Focus Athermalized, focus-free
Sensitivity <35mK for F# 1.0 optics
Composite Video NTSC or PAL Hybrid system with IP & analog video, Dynamic NTSC or PAL settings
Analog Video Output Composite 1Vp-p (PAL or NTSC), 1 x BNC 75Ω
Video Compression Two independent channels of H.264 (Restricted VBR and CBR,10kbps-4Mbps, MPEG4, and MJPEG)
Streaming Resolution D1: 720x576, 4CIF: 704x576, Native: 640x512, Q-Native: 320x256, CIF: 352x288, QCIF: 176x144
Thermal Image Settings Auto AGC, Dynamic Detail Enhancement (DDE), Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast
Thermal AGC
Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Grey Shade Compression, Gamma, Smart Screen
Balance, AGC Types: Histogram, Histogram HC, Histogram Blend, Linear
Thermal AGC Region of Interest (ROI) Default, Presets and User definable to insure optimal image quality on subjects of interest
Analytics Features Region Entrance/Intrusion Detection, Crossover/Fence Trespassing; Auto/Manual Depth Setup, Human and Vehicle Rules, Hand-off target to PTZ racking, Tampering
Image Uniformity Optimization Automatic Flat Field Correction (FFC); Thermal and Temporal Triggers
SD Card Recording¹ Support for 32GB SD Card (not supplied)
System Integration
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
External Analytics Compatible Yes
Control Input/Output 1x Dry Contact in; 1x Relay Out (rated load 0.025A@ 5VDC)
Network Protocols IPV4, HTTP, Bonjour, UPnP, DNS, NTP, RTCP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, DHCP, ARP,
SCP,FTP, RTP/RTSP, Unicast/Multicast, TCP/IP, HTTP, IEEE 802.1X
    7.5/9/13/19 /25/35mm 60mm 75mm      
Weight Without sunshield: Lens Weight 1.8kg (4 lb.) 2.0kg (4.5 lb.) 2.2kg (4.75 lb.)      
  With sunshield: Lens Weight 2.2kg (4.75 lb. ) 2.4kg (5.25 lb.) 2.5kg (5.5 lb. )      
Dimensions (L, W, H) Without sunshield: 259 x 114 x 106 mm/10.2” x 4.5” x 4.2”
With sunshield: 282 x 129 x 115 mm/11.1” x 5.1” x 4.5”
Input Voltage
Power Consumption Source POE (802.3af) POE+ (802.3at) 12VDC 24VDC 24VAC(VA)  
Heater off <5.5W <5.5W <5.5W <5.5W <8W  
Heater on (@ 100%) N/A <25W <25W <25W <32W  
Surge Immunity on AC
Power Lines
CE: EN55032 Class A; FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B, Class A (within CISPR 22:2008 Class A limits)
Surge Immunity on
Signal Lines
EN 55024: 2010 and 55032: 2010 to 4.0kV on AC aux power lines; EN 50130-4:2011; IEC 62599-2:2010
IP Rating (Dust & Water Ingress) IP66 & IP67
Operating Temperature Range -50°C to 70°C/-58°F to 158°F (Continuous Operation) -40°C to 70°C /-40°F to 158°F (Cold Start)
Storage Temperature Range  
Humidity 0-95% relative humidity
Shock MIL-STD-810G “Transportation”
Vibe IEC 60068-2-27
De-Icing / AntiIcing

MIL-STD-810 F, Method 521.2 - 6mm ice,
120 minutes with POE+, 4mm ice with POE af
FC-610 & FC-608 TBD with Cold Weather kit.

Warranty & Regulatory
Approvals CE: EN55032 Class A; FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B, Class A (within CISPR 22:2008 Class A limits)
Certifications IEC 60068-2-1:2007; IEC 60068-2- 2:2007; ISTA-1A (Handling)
Compliance RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU; WEEE 2012/19/EU

Camera: 3 Years
Sensor: 10 Years

Manufacturers Retail Price:
427-0089-21-00 FLIR FC-369-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $5,400.00
427-0089-31-00 FLIR FC-344-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $5,040.00
427-0089-41-00 FLIR FC-332-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $5,040.00
427-0093-31-00 FLIR FC-324-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $5,040.00
427-0093-41-00 FLIR FC-317-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $5,040.00
427-0093-81-00 FLIR FC-313-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $5,700.00
427-0093-51-00 FLIR FC-309-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $6,400.00
427-0093-61-00 FLIR FC-305-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $9,998.00
427-0093-71-00 FLIR FC-304-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $14,960.00
427-0097-11-00 FLIR FC-690-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $6,800.00
427-0097-21-00 FLIR FC-669-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $6,800.00
427-0097-31-00 FLIR FC-644-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $6,800.00
427-0097-41-00 FLIR FC-632-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $6,800.00
427-0097-81-00 FLIR FC-625-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $7,700.00
427-0097-51-00 FLIR FC-617-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $8,600.00
427-0097-61-00 FLIR FC-610-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $11,800.00
427-0097-71-00 FLIR FC-608-ID Thermal Analytics Camera $16,900.00
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