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T2Z1816CS Varifocal Lens

T2Z1816CS Varifocal Lens
T2Z1816CS Varifocal Lens
T2Z1816CS Varifocal Lens
T2Z1816CS Varifocal Lens
T2Z1816CS Varifocal Lens


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  • SKU: T2Z1816CS
  • Compatible with 1/3" Cameras
  • 1.8-3.6mm Focal Length
  • 173.8 to 99° Diagonal FOV
  • f/1.6 to 16C Manual Iris

Computar varifocal manual iris lenses offer maximum flexibility in camera installations requiring a wide range of focal lengths. Focal length adjustments can be made with a turn of the dial, virtually eliminating the cost and inventory problems associated with improper monofocal lens selection. All lenses are CS-Mount, comprised of all glass optics, come with locking setscrews and a durable metal barrel and mount, and are covered by a three year warranty.
Radiometric No

Model No.   T2Z1816CS

Focal Length

  1.8mm - 3.6mm
Max Aperture Ratio   1:1.6
Max Image Format   4.8mm x 3.6mm(Ø6mm)
Operation Range Iris F1.6 - F16C
Focus 0.2m - Inf
Zoom 1.8mm - 3.6mm
Control Iris Manual
Focus Manual
Zoom Manual

Object Dimension at M.O.D.
M.O.D. : Minimum Object Distance

1.8mm 123.8cm x 56.5cm
3.6mm 33.2cm x 22.9cm
Angle of View D 1/3 type 173.8 - 99.0
H 144.2 - 79.4
V 109.9 - 59.6
1/4 type D 135.8°-74.4°
H 109.5° - 59.6°
V 82.3° - 44.7°
Effective Lens Aperture Front Ø22.0mm
Rear Ø7.9mm
Back Focal Length Tele 10.5mm
Wide 7.0mm
Flange Back Length 12.5mm
Mount CS-Mount
Filter Size -
Dimensions Ø37.4mm x 51mm
Weight 68g
Operating temperature -20C - +50C
Product Name T2Z1816CS Varifocal Lens
URL Key t2z1816cs

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