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  • 1/4" High Resolution Analog PAL Color Board Camera
  • 22x26 mm Single Boards
  • Extremely Compact
  • High Resolution
  • 5 volt DC Operation

This product has been discontinued.

Please view the RHPC-2500 for a suitable replacement.

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  • SKU: RHPC-2005

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The RHPC-2005 is a popular high resolution 1/4" CCD OEM board camera. Using a compact 22x26mm single board base for the 1/4" image sensor, this board camera is ideal for applications requiring a smaller platform.

Apply only a 5 Volt DC low power connection, and this camera will still provide great resolution, color, and quality video.

The RHPC-2005 is also the direct replacement for the Panasonic GP-CX171 (High Res). The RHPC-2000 does not require Heat Sync like the former GP-CX171, the 2000 also has the same hole pattern, connectors, and pin-out. Therefore the 2000 makes for a more compact unit than its predecessor.

Board Camera Features

  • 1/4" Color CCD
  • 22x26 mm Single Boards
  • Extremely Compact
  • High Resolution
  • 5 volt DC Operation

This camera also features extra functions controllable via PC Software. Which can be purchased separately. The software for this unit allows plenty of options for managing your video.

Parameters Controllable via PC Software:
* PC Interface Required (RHPC-I2C with Software)

  • Electronic Shutter
  • Gain Control
  • White Balance
  • Color Balance
  • Back light Compensation
  • Mirror Effect
  • Negative / Positive Image
  • Monochrome (B&W) Mode
Radiometric No
  RHPC-2000 RHPC-2005
Image Sensor 1/4" Inter-line Type CCD
Image Sensor / SONY
Pixels 768(H) x 494(V) 752(H) x 582(V)
Sync Internal
Video Out Composite / 1 Vp-p 75 Ω
Horizontal Resolution More than 450 TV Lines More than 450 TV Lines
AGC Auto (AGC), ON/OFF &
Manual Selectable Via Software
BLC Area & Level Setting
Selectable Via Software
Power 5 Volts DC
Dimensions 22mm(W) x 26mm(L)
Weight Apr. 5g without Lens



P/N Focal Length F-NUM* HFOV¹ VFOV² DFOV³ Details
RHPC-D-19/2.8 1.9mm F2.8 114° 85.50° 142.50° Micro Lens
RHPC-D-30/2.8 3mm F2.8 69° 51.75° 86.25° Micro Lens (Standard)
RHPC-D-37/4.0 3.7mm F4.0 54° 40.50° 67.50° Pin-Hole Lens
RHPC-D-40/2.8 4mm F2.8 51° 38.25° 63.75° Micro Lens
RHPC-D-60/2.8 6mm F2.8 34° 25.50° 42.50° Micro Lens
RHPC-D-80/2.8 8mm F2.8 27° 20.25° 33.75° Micro Lens
RHPC-D-120/2.8 12mm F2.8 17° 12.75° 21.25° Micro Lens
• F-NUM*: Aperture
• HFOV¹: Horizontal Field of View
• VFOV²: Vertical Field of View
• DFOV³: Diagonal Field of View
Product Name RHPC-2005
URL Key rhpc-2005