3DR SOLO Gimbal for FLIR VUE Series

3DR SOLO Gimbal for the FLIR VUE Series

TAU 2 RC-IF Remote Control Interface - Control your Tau 2 from a remote controller.

TAU2-RC-IF Remote Control Interface

421-0040-00 FLIR Tau 2 photo replicator board

FLIR Tau Photon Replicator Board

3DR SOLO Gimbal for the FLIR VUE Series

  • Active 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal System
  • Supports FLIR VUE, VUE PRO, VUE PRO-R Thermal Cameras
  • Tilt Control from 3DR Controller
  • This product is intended for use solely with the FLIR VUE, FLIR VUE PRO and FLIR VUE PRO-R Series of Thermal Imaging Cameras.
  • The 3DR Gimbal is not compatible with the FLIR DUO & DUO-R


$1799.00: When purchased with a FLIR VUE Pro Series Thermal Camera

State-of-the-Art 3 Axis Stabilized Thermal Gimbal
Made with aircraft-grade aluminum using brushless motors, the 3DR Solo Thermal Camera Gimbal is the perfect tool for sUAS pilots demanding high quality stabilized infrared footage. The 3-axis brushless gimbal sets the benchmark for thermal video and image capture. This gimbal is compatible with the FLIR VUE, VUE PRO and VUE PRO-R.

The Affordable Solution
The 3DR Solo Gimbal for the FLIR VUE Series is an affordable solution, without compromise of the thermal image quality. This system can be used for a wide variety of applications: Threat Detection, Energy Audits, Solar Panel Inspection, First Responders, Utility Inspection, Agriculture, and more.

The 3DR SOLO Gimbal is designed to accommodate the FLIR VUE Series Thermal Cameras.
It's a great choice for those looking for a solution to stabilize thermal video during UAS Flight. 
Flight Ready
Easily Connect the gimbal assembly to the 3DR Solo using the existing connections.

You can view and control various camera parameters from the Solo App as well as start and stop video and image capture. FLIR VUE PRO-R has all the features of the VUE PRO and also captures Radiometric Data within the JPG images and displays the temperature on-screen.

GEO Reference information within the JPG images on both the VUE PRO and VUE PRO-R units can now be captured.

The package includes a detailed installation guide and tools to install and setup the gimbal with all of the FLIR VUE Series cameras and 3DR Solo.


  • 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal offering in-flight Thermal Camera Control using the 3DR Solo Mobile APP
  • Includes installation guide, Phillips screwdriver and Allen key for easy Gimbal & Camera installation
  • View and record live video direct to your iOS or Android mobile devices using the 3DR Solo APP
  • Integrated HDMI adapter for live HD streaming to your mobile device using the 3DR Solo APP
  • Compatible with FLIR VUE, VUE PRO, VUE PRO-R Thermal Cameras
  • Six ball vibration isolation
  • Start/Stop image or video capture onto the VUE PRO or VUE PRO R Micro SD card from the 3DR Solo APP
  • Connect using existing 3DR Solo connections
  • Gimbal Weight: 247g - 351g with VUE - 375g with VUE PRO

3DR Solo Sold Separately.


In order to take advantage of the controlling features, the FLIR VUE PRO and FLIR VUE PRO R Thermal Imaging Cameras will require a modification. This modification can be performed by OEM Cameras at no charge. The warranty on your thermal imager will not be void.

You will be able to control various parameters remotely on the FLIR VUE directly out of the box with no modification required.

Please contact OEM Cameras for a Return Authorization and shipping instructions to our facility in New York.

• Toll Free: 1-888-919-2263
• Outside the US: +1-845-343-4077

The modification will allow you to control the following parameters remotely via the 3DR Solo App:

• Color Palette - 3 Choices
• Camera zoom level: 1x, 2x, 4x
• Recalibrate / FFC • Region of interest (ROI) - 3 Choices
• Scene Preset (Scene) - 3 Choices
• Start and Stop Image Sequence or Video Capture on the VUE PRO or VUE PRO R’s Internal Micro SD Card

Without the modification, the VUE PRO/VUE PRO-R will only allow you to view, video start and stop, image capture on the iOS or Android device connected to the Solo’s Joystick Controller and tilt the camera via the 3DR Solo Joystick Controller.

Video recording will not be activated on the camera's SD Card through the 3DR SOLO GoPro App.
The VUE PRO/VUE PRO R’s SD card will need to be activated manually, prior to flight.

Special Offer
Offer valid only for VUE PRO and VUE PRO-R Models. Select the camera you would like to purchase and add the 3DR Solo Gimbal to take advantage of the offer.

Items Min Standard Max Remarks
Static Attitude Tracking Accuracy 0.01 0.02 0.5 Gimbal in Static Mode
Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy 0.1 0.2 0.5 Motor Overload <2G
Overload Current Protection   800mA    
Tilting Angle   90°

Panning Angle -150°   +150° Automatic
Tilting Following Rate 2°/Sec   45°/Sec  
Panning Following Rate 3°/Sec   75°/Sec  

3DR Solo Gimbal - What's in the Box

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3DR Solo Thermal Gimbal Measurements

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3DR Solo Thermal Gimbal Front View

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3DR Solo Thermal Gimbal Side View

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