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HIRMP8-85M Series

HIRMP8-85M Series
  • 10x (8.5-85mm) Infrared Corrected Motorized Zoom Lens
  • Special Low Dispersion Glass
  • 2 Megapixel Lens
  • 1/2" sensor
  • f = 8.5 - 85mm
  • F1.5
  • Full HD
  • True NIR
  • OPTIONS: Manual Override Iris Potentiometer
  • C-Mount

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    The HIRMP8-85 lenses are powerful 2 megapixel infrared (IR) corrected motorized zoom lenses. The IR corrected SD Glass (special low dispersion glass) has lower chromatic abberation than ED glass (extra-low dispersion glass) which allows the lens to always stay in focus, from visible light to infrared light. With a 8-85mm focal length the HIR8-85 can benefit almost any application. Designed to fit a C-Mount camera with a 1/2" CCD or smaller, this can also be used on a CS-Mount camera with an additional C/CS adapter.

    Range Testing

    5 mile range testing

    Special Low Dispersion Glass

    special low dispersion glass

    Visible Lens vs. IR Corrected Lens: Notice with this IR Corrected lens utilizing the Haze Filter:
    You can see through haze revealing details in the mountains.

    Visible Mode vs IR Corrected Mode with Haze Filter
    Visible Mode vs IR Corrected Mode with Haze Filter
    10x (8.5-85mm) Infrared Corrected Motorized Zoom Lens
    OEM Lens Model Number Format IR Corrected ED or SD Glass Focal Length Iris Control Auto Focus Presets
    HIRMP8-85M H IR 8.5-85 M    
    HIRMP8-85M-P H IR 8.5-85 M   P
    HIRMP8-85M-IP H IR 8.5-85 M   IP
    HIRMP8-85V H IR 8.5-85 V    
    HIRMP8-85V-P H IR 8.5-85 V   P
    HIRMP8-85V-AF H IR 8.5-85 V AF  
    HIRMP8-85V-AF-P H IR 8.5-85 V AF P
    HIRMP8-85D H IR 8.5-85 D    
    HIRMP8-85D-P H IR 8.5-85 D   P
    HIRMP8-85D-AF H IR 8.6-154 D AF  
    HIRMP8-85D-AF-P H IR 8.5-85 D AF P
    * Key T=1/3"
    IR=Infrared Corrected Class Focal Length V=Auto Iris, Video Type
    D=Auto Iris, DC Type
    M=3 Motor - Zoom Focus & Iris
    AF=Auto Focus P=Presets on Zoom & Focus
    IP=Presets on Zoom Focus & Iris
    OEM Lens Model Number HIRMP8-85M Series
    Format Size 1/2" 
    Mount C / CS (with CS adapter)
    Focal Length 8.5 - 85 mm
    Max. Aperture Ratio 1 : 1.5
    Iris Range F1.5 - 12
    Min. Object Distance 1.8 m
    Iris  Motorized or Auto
    Focus Motorized or Auto
    Zoom Motorized
    Angle of View (Diagonal)   53.7° (W) / 5.4° (N)
    (Horizontal)   41.5° (W) / 4.3° (N)
    (Vertical)   31.3° (W) / 3.3° (N)
    Iris Input Voltage DC 8V-12V Manual / DC 8.5V-16V Auto
    Current Consumption Max. 40 mA (Motor)
    Response Speed Approx. 3 sec. DC Type 
    Input Signal Video Signal (VS or V)
    Accuracy ±15% at Image Signal
    Sensitivity Adjustment 0.5-1.0 Vp-p
    Metering Method Average - Peak
    Zoom Input Voltage DC 8V-12V (Manual) / DC 4V-16V (Auto)
    Current Consumption Max. 80 mA (Motor)
    Motorization Speed Approx. 2-7 sec. (Variable)
    Auto Focus Input Voltage DC8V-16V
    Current Consumption Max. 50mA (Standby) / Max. 150mA (Zoom or Focus on)
    Applicable Wavelength 430 nm - 950 nm
    Back Focal Length 14.65 mm  (in air)
    Flange Back Length 17.526 mm
    Temperature Range -10°C to +40°C
    Filter Screw Size M62.0 mm   P=0.75
    Dimension ( H x W x D ) 66.0 x 75.5 x 134.8 mm
    Weight (Approx.) 690g - 725g
    FLIR Boson 640