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Product Highlights
  • Visible Full HD Color Camera
  • High Sensitivity 1/3" CMOS Sensor
  • Multifunction Gamma, Knee, and Masking picture adjustment function
  • Long distance transmission capability
  • Fog adjust mode deployment

  1. Adaptive Noise Reduction: ANR utilizes a noise reduction algorithm that enables the camera to choose between current pixel and former pixel values. The ANR identifies any large pixel change between frames as a motion and smaller changes as noise. By masking small changes while, at the same time, preserving larger changes, this recursive action effectively reduces noise and makes an image clearer. The flexibility of ANR enables itself to be taken advantage of in many of the AUTO mode configurations.
  2. Adaptive Image Enhancer: AIE precisely corrects images in real time. Rapid analysis of input images, division of images into several areas by unique algorithm, extraction of the optimum brightness and color correction parameter, all done quickly in real time. The clarity of bright and dark areas adjusted proportionally, making the visibility of a image similar to that of the human eye.
  3. Adaptive Fog Reduction: AFR makes images clearer in real time, enhancing visibility in the darker areas, in conditions with blacklight, or in a fog, while an optimized computational algorithm is putting the frame rate up to 30fps. The technology enables dramatic enhancement of visibility by adjusting the contrast ratio of a white or foggy image and restoring the faded colors in the image.
  4. Day/Night Operation: Camera switches from the color mode to the B&W mode by removing the IR-Cut filter form the front of the CCD and replacing it with the AR glass, compensating for focus position shifts.
  5. Easily adjustable back focus adjustment mechanism & remote control capability: The adjustable flange back means the optimum back focuses focus setting of the camera & lens. All of the functions of the camera, such as the scene file storage and call-up, can be controlled from a long distance remotely by RS-485
  6. Sensitivity Up: Dual Mode Integration enhances sensitivity by up to 128x in the AUTO mode and 512x in the Manual mode, enabling the camera to capture images in extremely low light conditions.
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