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GP-CX171E Panasonic High Power Resolution CCD Camera

GP-CX171E Panasonic High Power Resolution CCD Camera

  • High Resolution CCD Camera
  • PAL Video Format
  • (USA is NTSC Video Format)
  • 5 to 12 Volts DC Regulator and Heat Sink
  • 22x27mm
  • With 6" or 70" Cable
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  • SKU: GP-CX171E
Equipped with a 1/4-type CCD, this color board camera delivers high image quality with 480 lines of horizontal resolution.
• High Resolution Color Board Camera equipped with 1/4-type 768H (NTSC), 752H (PAL) CCD sensor.
• 480 TV lines horizontal resolution. 
• Compact size 38 (W) x 22 (H) x 28.2 (D) mm.
• 12V DC power input for various industrial usage. (GP-CX171)
• Built-in regulator board for conversion from 12V to 5V DC. (GP-CX171)
• 5V DC input: Model GP-CX171/5 without regulator board version is also available for ease of use.
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