FLIR Tau 2 640 60mm 7.5Hz (Slow Video) Thermal Imaging Camera Core

FLIR Tau 2 640 60mm 7.5Hz (Slow Video) Thermal Imaging Camera Core

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FLIR Tau 2 640 60mm 7.5Hz (Slow Video) Thermal Imaging Camera Core

Product Highlights
  • 640x512 Pixels
  • 10.4°H x 8.3°V FoV
  • 60mm Lens
  • 7.5Hz Exportable NLR
  • 30Hz Available
  • 17μm Pixel Pitch
  • 200 Grams
  • LWIR
  • View the FLIR TAU 2 Series Matrix to compare models.


Color Palette Comparison (30Hz)

Color Palette Comparison (7.5Hz)


FLIR Tau 2 Features

FLIR Tau 2 640 (46640060H-SPNLX) WFOV LWIR Uncooled Thermal Imaging Cameras offer an unmatched set of features such as radiometry, increased sensitivity (<30mK), frame rates, and powerful image processing modes. Some key features include:

  • 640x512 Pixel Resolution
  • 7.5Hz Frame Rate
  • 2x and 4x Continuous Digital Zoom
  • Multiple Color Palette Function
  • Remote Control via TTL
  • Improved Image Processing
  • Customizable Splash Screen
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Exportable to Most Countries License Free

FLIR Tau 2 for OEM Applications

Since the electrical functions are common between the Tau 2 640, 336 and 324, integrators have direct compatibility between the different camera formats, and Tau 2 camera versions share many of the same lens options. Making them well-suited for demanding applications like:

  • UAV & UGV Systems
  • Component Analysis
  • OEM Handheld Imagers
  • Nighttime Navigation
  • Security Systems
  • Electrical Inspection 
  • Aerial Photography


FLIR Tau 2 Out of the Box Video (with VPC Module Kit)

FLIR Tau 2 Starter Kit Video

FLIR Tau Distance Chart  
OverviewTau 640Tau 336Tau 324
Thermal Imager Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
FPA / Digital Video Display Formats 640 × 512 336 × 256 324 × 256
Analog Video Display Formats 640 × 480 (NTSC); 640 × 512 (PAL)
Pixel Pitch 17 μm 25 μm
Spectral Band 7.5 - 13.5 μm
Full Frame Rates 30 Hz (NTSC)
25 Hz (PAL)
30/60 Hz (NTSC)
25/50 Hz (PAL)
Exportable Frame Rates 7.5 Hz NTSC; 8.3 Hz PAL
Sensitivity (NEdT) <50 mK at f/1.0
Scene Range (High Gain) -25°C to +135°C -25°C to +100°C -25°C to +135°C
Scene Range (Low Gain) -40°C to +550°C
Time to Image <5.0 sec <4.0 sec
Factory Optimized Video Yes
Physical AttributesTau 640Tau 336Tau 324
Size (w/o lens) 1.75" x 1.75" x 1.18"
Lensed & Lensless Configurations Available Yes
Precision Mounting Holes (M2x0.4) on
3 sides (2 per side)
Sealable Bulkhead Mounting Feature
on Lens Barrel (M29×1.0), WFOV Only
Image Processing & Display ControlsTau 640Tau 336Tau 324
NTSC/PAL (field switchable) Yes
Image Optimization Yes
Digital Detail Enhancement Yes
Invert/Revert (analog and 8-bit digital) Yes
Polarity Control (black hot/white hot) Yes
Color & Monochrome Palettes (LUTs) Yes
Digital Zoom 2x, 4x, 8x 2x, 4x
Continuous Zoom Yes
Symbology (256 gray & 256 color) Yes, single-pixel resolution for all models
Digital VideoTau 640Tau 336Tau 324
LVDS (14-bit or 8-bit) Yes
CMOS (14-bit or 8-bit) Yes
BT.656 (8-bit) Yes
Camera Link (Expansion Bus Accessory Module) Yes
Slow Video Option (factory configured) Yes
InterfacingTau 640Tau 336Tau 324
Primary Electrical Connector 50-pin Hirose
Input Supply Voltage 4.0 - 6.0 VDC
Power Dissipation, steady state (max 2.5W during shutter event of approximately 0.5 seconds) <1.2 W ~1.0 W
Flat-Field Correction (FFC) Duration <0.5 sec
Power Reduction Switch (disables analog video) Yes
RS-232 Compatible Communication 57,600 & 921,600 baud
External Sync Input/Output Yes
Discrete I/O Controls Available Yes (10-camera minimum)
Settable Splash Screens Yes (10-camera minimum)
User Configurability via SDK & GUI Yes
Dynamic Range Switching No Yes
EnvironmentalTau 640Tau 336Tau 324
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
Non-Operating Temperature Range -55°C to +95°C
Temperature Shock 5°/min
Operational Altitude +40,000 feet
Humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
Vibration 4.3g three axis, 8 hr each
Shock 200g shock pulse w/ 11 msec sawtooth
ROHS Compliant
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