FLIR Scout BTS-XR Pro <9Hz

FLIR Scout BTS-XR Pro <9Hz

FLIR Scout BTS-X Pro <9Hz

FLIR Scout BTS-X Pro <9Hz

3DR Solo Smart Battery

3DR Solo Smart Battery

FLIR Scout BTS-XR Pro <9Hz

Product Highlights

  • (9Hz) Handheld Hunting Bi-Ocular Thermal Imaging Night Vision Camera
  • 640x480 Resolution
  • Variable FOV
  • 2x, 4x Zoom
  • Record Video & Capture Photos
This Thermal Camera is export controlled. More Information

Discontinued Product


The FLIR BTS-XR Pro is the newest model in the Scout Bi-Ocular Series. With the same image clarity and detail that knocked your socks off in FLIR's Scout monocular cameras, the FLIR Bi-Ocular Series gives outdoor enthusiasts even more choices and control in their thermal viewing experience. Featuring a full coverage eyepiece, inter-ocular adjustment, ergonomic comfort, straightforward controls, interchangeable quick disconnect lenses, and the unrivaled performance that only FLIR's high resolution thermal cores can deliver, this is a must have for any avid outdoor enthusiast.


  • Image Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Waveband 7.5 - 13.5 μm
  • E-Zoom 2×
  • Start-up from Stand-by < 1.5 seconds
  • Image Processing FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement
  • Built-In Display Color VGA LCD Display
  • Viewfinder Video Output 9 Hz
    NTSC or PAL composite video (320 × 240)
  • External Video (via RCA jack) 320 × 240 NTSC or PAL
  • Still Image / Video Format JPEG / AVI (640 × 480 resolution)
  • Still Image / Video Storage SD or SDHC Card
  • Real-Time Clock Yes
  • USB2 Port Yes
  • Weight (w/o lens) 2.20 lbs
  • Size (L × W × H) 11.0" x 6.5" x 2.63"
  • Battery Type 4 AA Batteries; NiMH (included), Li-Ion , or Alkaline
  • Battery Life (Operating/ Stand-By) 4-6 Hours / 120 hours on NiMH batteries
  • Rating IP-67 (with lens attached only)
  • Operating Temp. -4°F – 140°F (-20°C – 60°C)
  • Storage Temp. -40°F – 167°F (-40°C – 75°C)


  • Quick-Disconnect Modularity: Customize thermal capability for specific tasks by selecting from three available lens options –
    35mm, 65mm, or 100mm extended range. Each of these high-performance thermal lenses allow rapid field exchange via
    an integral quick disconnect feature. The lenses are lightweight and easily focused, reducing arm strain during long
    viewing sessions.

  • Extended Range Options: The BTS-X Pro model bi-ocular provides excellent long range viewing with sharp 320 × 240 native
    resolution in the viewfinder, and a 2× digital e-zoom step to 160 × 120. With the power of FLIR's 640 × 480 core, the
    BTS-XR Pro delivers even greater range performance by supplying crisp, clear 320 × 240 native resolution in the viewfinder
    and in the 2x digital e-zoom mode, plus an additional 4× digital e-zoom step to 160 × 120. Full 640 × 480 resolution imagery
    in the BTS-XR Pro is accessible via aux video jack.

  • Enhanced Lens Surfaces: Raised rubber sleeves and captive low-profile lens caps help protect your lens investment as well
    as providing excellent grip/sensitivity.

  • Faster Power & Battery Swap: A quick release hot-shoe literally makes access to AC power a "snap," and a latched battery
    door provides fast and easy access to exchange or recondition batteries.

  • One-Touch Recording: The ability to capture both photos and video is standard on all Scout Bi-Ocular models. One-touch
    recording frees up hands to focus and zoom during an exciting event to get the best video possible.

What's in the Box

  • BTS-XR Pro
  • HotShoe / Video Output Attachments
  • 4 NiMH Batteries
  • AC Power Adapter / Charger
  • Car Charger
  • Neck Lanyard
  • USB Cable
  • Product CD
  • FLIR Vdieo Player Software
  • End User GUI
  • Hard Pelican Case


Daylight TV cameras, image intensified (I2) night vision devices, and the human eye all see the same thing: reflected visible light. Unfortunately, we need visual contrast to discern an object from its surroundings and at night there is very little visual contrast to work with. Conventional night vision scopes are great for situational awareness, but they can't see in total darkness. Conventional night vision scopes also struggle to penetrate foliage or make a picture at great distances. Scout thermal cameras don't have these problems since they make pictures from heat, rather than light. Everything we encounter in day-to-day life gives off thermal energy, even ice. The hotter something is, the more thermal energy it emits. This emitted thermal energy is called a heat signature. When two objects next to one another have even subtly different heat signatures, they show up clearly to a thermal imager regardless of lighting conditions. Using the 320 × 240 or higher resolution 640 x 480 thermal imaging core, the Scout series provides significantly better image clarity and greater detail than earlier systems, allowing the user to see more of their surroundings than any other night vision technology. FLIR's advanced image-processing algorithms produce crisp, clear thermal video day and night.