FLIR M132 Adjustable Tilt Marine Thermal Camera

FLIR M132 Adjustable Tilt Marine Thermal Camera

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FLIR M132 Adjustable Tilt Marine Thermal Camera

  • Tilt-adjustable
  • 320 x 240 pixel resolution
  • 24° x 18° Field of View
  • 4X continuous electronic zoom
  • IP video, viewing and control
  • Ball up or ball down mounting

JCU Controller Sold Separately.

This Thermal Camera is export controlled. More Information


Adjustable Tilt Marine Thermal Camera

The FLIR M132 Adjustable Tilt marine thermal camera is our smallest and most affordable installed marine thermal night vision camera. Using our latest generation Boson™ thermal core, the M132 lets boaters see at night in the 320 x 240 thermal resolution. When the M132 is combined with a Raymarine Axiom MFD, FLIR's new ClearCruise™ intelligent thermal analytics technology offer boaters an entirely new level of awareness and safety. The M132 also use IP video technology and simplifies installation by eliminating extra video signal cables. The M132 offers adjustable tilt to compensate for when the the boat is running with the bow high and the camera features 2X digital zoom capability. Starting at only $2,499 (USD), the M132 is the perfect addition to any vessel.


The M132 improves navigation and safety by helping you see bridges, docks, buoys, and other vessels, night and day. The M132 also helps boaters find people in the water faster than spotlights and radar alone. When combined with the Axiom MFD from Raymarine, M132 uses video analytics to send automatic alerts when objects appear in view.


M132 features a full 320x240 resolution for optimal horizon-to-horizon viewing, with long-range, 2X digital zoom. Users can also tilt the M132 using the remote control to optimize the camera’s position as the boat's speed and running angle change.


The combination of the M132’s small, lightweight design and IP video connectivity make it a snap to install and integrate with multiple MFDs.


Combine M132 with a Raymarine Axiom MFD and take advantage of ClearCruise™ intelligent thermal analytics. ClearCruise™ provides audible and visual alerts when “non-water” objects such as boats, obstacles, or navigation markers are identified in the scene.

Detector Type 320 × 240 VOx Microbolometer
Video Refresh Rate 9 Hz
Field of View 24° × 18°
E-Zoom 2x
System Specifications
Pan/Tilt Range Tilt: +110°, -90°
Image Processing FLIR Propriety Digital Detail Enhancement™
Video Output H264 IP Video stream
Power Requirements 12 or 24 VDC
Power Consumption 15 W (typical) 18 W (max)
Operating Temperature Range -13°F to +131°F (-25°C to +55°C)
Storage Temperature Range -30°F to +158°F (-30°C to +70°C)
Relative Humidity 93% max
Vibration IEC 60945; MIL-STD-810E
Salt Mist ASTM B117
Wind 100 mph (161 kph)
EMI IEC 60945
Rating IP-67
Drop Test Rating 1m drop (in packaging)
Weight 6.0 lb (2.7 kg) w/o top-down riser 6.6 lb (3.0 kg) w/ top-down riser
Size 6.34” (dia. @ base) x 9.03” (ht.) 161.1 (dia.) x 229.3 (ht.) mm
Range Performance
Person in the Water ~1,500 ft (457 m)
Small Vessel ~0.67 nm (1.3 km)

Every M132 and M232 thermal camera includes:

• Camera unit
• Top down riser kit
• Thermal camera base-seal
• Right-angled RayNet to RayNet cable, 32 feet (10 meters)
• RayNet to RJ45 adapter cable, 4-inches (100mm)
• Right-angled 3-pin power cable, 32 feet (10 meters)
• Stainless steel mounting hardware kit

Notes: JCU3 joystick controller and IP to analog video decoder sold separately.

Thermal Resolution

Thermal Resolution

320 × 240 resolution for clear, detailed images



2× e-Zoom for extended range performance



Ethernet-enabled for simple integration with your other electronics

Adjustable Tilt


M132 with adjustable tilt

Flir M132 Adjustable Tilt Marine Thermal Camera

FLIR M232 Adjustable Tilt Thermal Camera Measurements