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BOSON Interface Assemblies

RHP tau-rb-if
Voltage Input
6-26Volts DC
5-26Volts DC
5-26Volts DC
5-26Volts DC
5-26Volts DC
5-26Volts DC
5-26Volts DC
Power via USB

Voltage Output
Regulated 5Volts DC
Regulated 5Volts DC

Regulated 5Volts DC
Power via 4-Pin JST

Power via 6-Pin JST

Power via 7-Pin PicoBlade

Image Control
FFC Control

DDE Control

AGC Control

Digital Zoom

Continuous Digital Zoom

Flip / Mirror Image

Video via USB UVC

Palette Select via FLIR GUI

Assignable PWM Inputs

Assignable S-Bus Inputs

Video Output
Digital Video Output

Video Outputs Available
SDR-26, USB, 7 Pin Pico Blade

Micro - HDMI


Camera Link

Video Sync
Via 6-pin JST

Via PicoBlade

Interface Options
80-pin Connection

JST Connection

Serial Communication



RHP-BOS-VPC-IF Video Power Communication Interface Simple Integration The Low Profile Boson VPC Interface Module simplifies integration. Two alternate Video & Power connections on the Low Profile Boson VPC Interface Module allows for a variety of installation options. FLIR Boson GUI Friendly You can adjust all the parameters available on the FLIR Boson using the FLIR Boson GUI when connected to your PC via the supplied USB cable. ..
RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link Module Converts the Boson Camera to Camera Link and provides Sync access The RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link module is an expansion board for the FLIR Boson camera that can connect USB power and communication, analog video, and digital data via Camera Link connection. The Camera Link module takes CMOS-type digital data from the FLIR Boson camera and converts it to Camera Link. Master Mode With External Sync Master ..
RHP-BOS-RC-IF RC-IF Remote Control Interface for the FLIR Boson Control the FLIR BOSON remotely with the "RC-IF" Remote Control Interface. Two Composite Video Outputs allow connections to separate video devices, with no signal loss. Integrating the Boson Thermal Camera into your UAS has never been easier. Control the Boson Camera Remotely The RHP-BOS-RC-IF allows you to control the Boson camera remotely using a 16 Channel S-Bus Signal or up t..
RHP-BOS-VPC-TTL-IF Video Power Communication (VPC) Transistor-Transistor Logic Interface Module Power Protection With the intelligent polarity sensing protection, power can be provided via the USB connection or DC Voltage using the provided 6-Pin Video/Power cable or the 7-Pin Pico Blade cable. 3 Video Output Options Video can be viewed through either the supplied JST to USB/Video cable, JST to Bare End Lead cable or 7-Pin Pico Blade to B..
RHP Boson Dual Sensor InterfaceTwo sensors allow a visible image and thermal image to be controlled and transmitted simultaneously. Engineered for drone use, the lightweight RHP-BOS-DS-IF is easy to configure and simple to connect.Options for connecting the BOS-DS-IF are:USBS-BusPWM Multiple window modes: Picture in Picture mode Allows you to view one camera in a small frame and the other camera in the background. Single View mode See the complete view of either camera on th..
SKU: rhp-bos-rc-hd-if
RHP-BOS-RC-HD-IF Integrate the FLIR Boson into your UAS. The RHP-BOS-RC-HD-IF allows you to control the Boson camera remotely using a 16 Channel S-Bus Signal or up to 5 PWM Signals from your wireless Joystick Remote Control System. Now you can assign any available parameter on the Boson to any knob, switch or lever on your Joystick Remote Controller and adjust these camera parameters ‘on-the-fly’. With the HD Video output, video signal can be transmitted securely through a..
SKU: rhp-bos-tau-rb-if
RHP-BOS-TAU-RB-IF Boson Tau Replicator Interface The replicator board adapts the Tau 2 interfaces electronically to make them compatible to the FLIR Boson Camera. By adapting the Boson's native 80-pin Hirose connector to the 50-pin TAU 2 connector used on FLIR's Tau 2 camera accessories, it makes the FLIR Boson camera electrically pin-compatible to the same connection as the TAU 2 providing an easy way to integrate the Boson to an existing installation. Easy Integr..
SKU: 421-0061-00
Boson VPC Accessory For the FLIR Boson Thermal Imaging Cameras The Boson video/power/control (VPC) is an accessory that adapts the native high-density electrical connector to a simpler USB-C interface. The Kit includes a VPC adapter, and a USB-C to USB-A cable...
SKU: 261-2608-00
Boson Tripod Mount The Tripod-mount accessory, provides a means to mount a Boson assembly (or a Boson configured with either the VPC Accessory or the Camera Link Accessory) to a tripod via a standard 1/4-20 thread. It is designed to interface to the rear of the Boson via 4 x M1.6 screws...
SKU: 421-0062-00
Boson VPC Accessory w/ Analog For the FLIR Boson Thermal Imaging Cameras The Boson video/power/control (VPC) is an accessory that adapts the native high-density electrical connector to a simpler USB-C interface. The Kit includes a VPC adapter, as well as a bifurcated cable with USB-A (power/control) and BNC (video) connectors...
SKU: 421-0063-00
Camera Link Accessory Kit For the FLIR Boson Thermal Imaging Cameras Expansion board for Boson cameras that matches the functionality of the VPC module, and enables the camera to be interfaced to a Camera Link frame grabber, allowing the capture of digital 16-bit video data. (This product does not include Camera Link cable, frame grab board, or data capture software.)..
SKU: 250-0705-00
Boson Test Board, Detail PCB ASSEMBLY Boson Development Board The Development breakout board for Boson users and integrators that need easy access to the Boson I/O and interfaces. This board is intended for user development purposes, and is not intended or rated for long term reliability over temperature. It provides full access to the Boson 80-pin connector with a number of connectors: standard USB-3 micro-B (Super Speed) receptacle standard SDR-26 receptacle with Camera-Link compliant..
SKU: 261-2609-00
The focus-tool accessory, allows any FLIR Boson lens which cannot be focused by hand to be focused by engaging the appropriate slots on the lens barrel such that it can be rotated inside the lens flange. (The focus tool has been properly sized such that no vignetting results when it engages the slots on the lens barrel.) Note that lens configurations with focal length >25mm do not require a focus tool since focus is achieved by simply turning the outer barrel of the lens assembly by hand. ..
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