FLIR Tau 4

FLIR Tau 4" Blackbody Source for ALC & Supplemental FFC

FLIR Tau 4" Blackbody Source for ALC & Supplemental FFC

The 4" Blackbody offers a uniform temperature source for FLIR Tau 2 Thermal Cameras.

Low cost 4-inch blackbody which provides a uniform temperature source when using FLIR's Alt Lens Cal software to field-calibrate lens-less Photon or Tau cameras with third-party lenses, or to take advantage of the Supplemental Flat Field Correction (FFC) option available in the Photon 640 and Tau camera models.

  • The FLIR Blackbody requires DC Voltage and has an input range of 0-24VDC
  • There are two power input plugs on the side of the blackbody, red is positive voltage, and black is ground.
  • The kit includes one power supply that outputs 12VDC and gives an approximate blackbody temperature of 60 °C

Temperature settings can be modified by the customer, depending on the power supply voltage. A voltage-to-approximate-temperature conversion table is provided.

Max Voltage 24VDC, Max Current 2.5 ADC