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Videology 21B45 - Mini CMOS Color Day/Night Board Camera

Videology 21B45 - Mini CMOS Color Day/Night Board Camera
  • 14x14mm Compact Design
  • Image sensor has twice the sensitivity of 1/3" Sony Ex-View®
  • Computer controllable via I2C

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The Videology 21B45  board camera is a ultra compact board camera with a 14mm x 14mm unenclosed footprint. The 20B45 color board camera series features a low power 1/4" CMOS and CCD image sensors with ultra wide temperature and vibration specifications. This board camera version weighs in at about 0.5g (0.01 oz) without a lens mount. Active pixel resolution is at 640x480 and a TV resolution of 420 TV lines. Optional models include balanced video output and can be prepared for computer control via I²C.

21B45 Board Camera Features

  • Sizes available:
    - 14x14mm Board Camera
    - 17x17mm Housed Camera
  • Low power 1/4" CMOS sensor with ultra wide temperature & vibration spec.
  • Image sensor has 2x the sensitivity of the 1/3" Sony Ex-View
  • NTSC/PAL (true two field) analog composite video output
  • Computer controllable via I²C
  • Day/Night
  • Optional models can include
    - 5 volts DC
    - Balanced video out
  20B45, 20B45M, 20B45M-12 (NTSC)
21B45, 21B45M, 21B45M-12, (PAL)
Image Sensor 1/4" CMOS
Active Pixels 640 x 480 (NTSC), 640 x 576 (PAL)
Pixel Size 5.6µm x 5.6µm
Resolution 420TVL
Sensitivity 0.025 lux (50 IRE) F1.2 3200°K
Signal To Noise Ratio 46dB (AGC On)
Gamma 0.45 default
Gain Automatic 36 dB (default)
Synchronization Internal
Back Light Compensation Default Off
White Balance AWB (default) | fixed (selectable via software)
Shutter Mode Electronic rolling shutter
Shutter Speed Auto exposure or fixed
Scan Mode Interlaced
Contour Enhancement Default on
Mirror Mode Yes (selectable via software)
Horizontal Flip Yes (selectable via software)
Dynamic Range 73.4 dB
Iris Controls Electronic (No DC signal)
Video Output CVBS (75 Ohms)
Balanced video output (optional)
Power Input 3V - 3.3V (max)
Power Consumption < 150mA
Communication Control Serial I²C
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 70°C (-40°F ~ 158°F) @ 3.3V
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 90°C (-40°F ~ 194°F)
Operating Humidity 20% - 93% RH
Storage Humidity Up to 98% RH
Dimensions W x H x D (w/ connector) 20/21B45 14mm x 14mm x 6.7mm (0.55" x 0.55" x 0.26")
20/21B45M 16.4mm x 17mm x 12mm (0.64" x 0.67" x 0.47")
20/21B45M-12 16.6mm x 17.2mm x 18mm (0.65" x 0.68" x 0.63")
Weight 20/21B45 0.5g (0.01 oz)
20/21B45M 6.4g (0.23 oz)
20/21B45M-12 6.9g (0.24 oz)
Lens Mount 20/21B45 No lens mount
20/21B45M M-12 pinhole board mount
20/21B45M-12 M-12 board mount
Please refer to Videology\'s board mount lens guide for options
Standards RoHS
FLIR Boson 640