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RHP-BOS-VPC-IF - USB3  Video Power Communication Interface Simple Integration The Low Profile Boson VPC Interface Module simplifies integration. Two alternate Video & Power connections on the Low Profile Boson VPC Interface Module allows for a variety of installation options. FLIR Boson GUI Friendly You can adjust all the parameters available on the FLIR Boson using the FLIR Boson GUI when connected to your PC via the supplied USB ..
RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link Module Converts the Boson Camera to Camera Link and provides Sync access The RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link module is an expansion board for the FLIR Boson camera that can connect USB power and communication, analog video, and digital data via Camera Link connection. The Camera Link module takes CMOS-type digital data from the FLIR Boson camera and converts it to Camera Link. Master Mode With External Sync Master ..
RHP-BOS-RC-IF RC-IF Remote Control Interface for the FLIR Boson Control the Teledyne FLIR BOSON remotely with the "RC-IF" Remote Control Interface. Two Composite Video Outputs allow connections to separate video devices, with no signal loss. Integrating the Boson Thermal Camera into your UAS has never been easier. Control the Boson Camera Remotely The RHP-BOS-RC-IF allows you to control the Boson camera remotely using a 16 Channel S-Bus Signa..
RHP-BOS-VPC-TTL-IF Video Power Communication (VPC) Transistor-Transistor Logic Interface Module Power Protection With the intelligent polarity sensing protection, power can be provided via the USB connection or DC Voltage using the provided 6-Pin Video/Power cable or the 7-Pin Pico Blade cable. 3 Video Output Options Video can be viewed through either the supplied JST to USB/Video cable, JST to Bare End Lead cable or 7-Pin Pico Blade to B..
RHP-BOS-RC-HD-IF Integrate the Teledyne FLIR Boson into your UAS. The RHP-BOS-RC-HD-IF allows you to control the Boson camera remotely using a 16 Channel S-Bus Signal or up to 5 PWM Signals from your wireless Joystick Remote Control System. Now you can assign any available parameter on the Boson to any knob, switch or lever on your Joystick Remote Controller and adjust these camera parameters ‘on-the-fly’. With the HD Video output, video signal can be transmitted securely ..
SKU: rhp-bos-tau-rp-if
RHP-BOS-TAU-RB-IF Boson Tau Replicator Interface The replicator board adapts the Tau 2 interfaces electronically to make them compatible to the FLIR Boson Camera. By adapting the Boson's native 80-pin Hirose connector to the 50-pin TAU 2 connector used on FLIR's Tau 2 camera accessories, it makes the FLIR Boson camera electrically pin-compatible to the same connection as the TAU 2 providing an easy way to integrate the Boson to an existing installation. Easy Integr..
SKU: 500-1120-00
F-/FC-Series Pedestal Mount For use with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID ELARA™ FC-Series R F-/FC-Series Pedestal Mount Part Number 500-1120-00 For use with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID ELARA™ FC-Series R..
SKU: 500-1121-00
F-Series Small Pole Adapter For pole diameters between 65mm-110mm For use with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID..
SKU: 500-1123-00
F-Series ID wall mountF-Series Wall Mount for the FLIR Triton™ F-Series ID Part Number 500-1123-00..
SKU: 4124857
FLIR Power Supply Assembly - 24VAC Part Number 4124857 Works with: TRITON™ F-SERIES ID TRITON™ PT-SERIES HD TRITON™ A310 PT (SECURITY)..
FLIR AX8 KitCombining thermal and visual cameras in a small, affordable package, the AX8 provides continuous temperature monitoring and alarming for uninterrupted condition monitoring of critical electrical and mechanical equipment. The AX8 provides early detection of temperature-related issues in electrical and mechanical equipment, making it the ideal temperature sensor for continuous condition monitoring and hot spot detection for electrical cabinets, process and manufacturing settings, data ..
SKU: T911183
FLIR AX8 Gigabit PoE Injector 16 W, with US Plug Adapter General description Power supply, power over Ethernet (PoE) injector. Power system AC operation Input: 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz DC operation Output: 48 VDC Power 15.4 W Physical data Size (L × W × H) 145 × 61 × 40 mm (5.7 × 2.4 × 1.6 in.) Color Black  ..
SKU: R70491
Supplies & Accessories: T128391ACC; Cable, M12 to pigtail (FLIR AX series) T128390ACC; Ethernet cable, M12 to RJ45 T199019; PoE injector, incl. cables General description Aluminum cooling bracket for FLIR AX8. See dimensional drawing for mounting holes. Physical data Weight 0.14 kg (0.31 lb.) Size (L × W × H) 110 × 60 × 12 mm (4.3 × 2.4 × 0.5 in.) Color Blue anodizing..
SKU: T128390ACC
FLIR AX8 6.5ft Ethernet Cable (M12 to RJ45) General description Ethernet cable, M12 to RJ45, X-coded. Physical data Weight 0.089 kg (0.20 lb.) Cable length 2 m (6.6 ft.) Connector M12 to RJ45 Color Black..
SKU: T128391ACC
FLIR AX8 6.5ft Cable (M12 to Pigtail) General description Cable, M12 to pigtail, A-coded. Physical data Weight 0.085 kg (0.19 lb.) Cable length 2 m (6.6 ft.) Connector M12 to pigtail Color Black  ..
SKU: 7332558005897
Adapter for connecting a tripod. Physical data Size (L × W × H)‎ 55 × 34 × 9 mm (2.2 × 1.3 × 0.4 in.)‎ Color Black Shipping information Packaging,‎ type Cardboard box List of contents Base support Four screws (plus six extra)‎ Packaging,‎ weight 0.112 kg (0.25 lb.)‎ Packaging,‎ size 170 × 64 × 75 mm (6.7 × 2.5 × 3.0 in.)‎ EAN-13 7332558005897 4743254001879 (Estonia plant)..
SKU: 7332558006122
Table stand kit for the FLIR Ax5 series. The kit consists of a base support and a gooseneck. Physical data Weight 2.04 kg (4.49 lb.)‎ Size (L × D)‎ Length of gooseneck: 0.4 m (1.3 ft.)‎ Base: Ø 0.13 m (0.43 ft.)‎; thickness: 0.05 m (0.17 ft.)‎ Color Black Shipping information Packaging,‎ type Cardboard box List of contents Base support Gooseneck Packaging,‎ weight 2.366 kg (5.2 lb.)‎..
SKU: 7332558009475
Cable kit consisting of three power cables (UK,‎EU,‎US)‎. Physical data   Cable length 1.5 m (4.9 ft.) Color Black Shipping information   List of contents ‎ Power cable,‎ UK Power cable,‎ EU ..
SKU: 4126885-a35a65
Rugged, watertight plastic camera case. Holds all items neatly and securely. The case can be locked with padlocks and features a breather valve to prevent pressure build-up in airplane cargo holds...
SKU: 7332558006344
Cable to access signals in M12 connector,‎ pigtail. Physical data Cable length 3 m (9.8 ft.)‎ Connector M12 to pigtail Color Black Shipping information Packaging,‎ type Cardboard box List of contents Cable Packaging,‎ weight 416 g (14.7 oz.)‎ Packaging,‎ size 243 × 165 × 82 mm (9.6 × 6.5 × 3.2 in.)‎ EAN-13 7332558006344 UPC-12 845188006693 ..
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