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StingRay 100mm F/1.4 SWIR Manual Focus and Iris

StingRay 100mm F/1.4 SWIR Manual Focus and Iris
  • Maximum Aperture: F/1.5
  • 100mm SWIR Adjustable Focus and Iris Lens
  • Optimized Waveband: 0.48-1.7µm
  • 21mm Image Diameter
  • C-Mount Interface
  • Adapters Available

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    StingRay 100mm SWIR Manual Focus and Iris

    100mm SWIR

    Unlimited Applications can benefit from SWIR Technology.

    StingRay specializes in bringing the best possible optics to market. The rest is up to you. New SWIR Applications are discovered every day and StingRay looks forward to service these future markets. StingRay's Goal is to stay one step ahead of detector technology.

    Applications for SWIR:

    • Plastic Sorting
    • Agriculture Sorting
    • Solar Cell Inspection
    • Glass Inspection

    StingRay SWIR Lenses are crafted using SWIR specific materials and coatings. Lower cost alternatives are generally inexpensive visible lenses that are coated with a 'SWIR-specific' coating. While this might work for some applications, the system will suffer from low overall transmission of SWIR light as well as focus shift across the SWIR band. This will produce a dark, fuzzy image.

    StingRay lenses provide a boosted transmission which provides for a bright image and also gives a crisp focus due to it's achromatic correction.

    What is SWIR?

    Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) is identified as 900-1700nm.

    Essentially, think of SWIR as 'light' that the human eye can't see. Unlike thermal infrared, SWIR behaves much like visible light as it is reflected as opposed to emitted.

    How can we see it?

    Humans can't see SWIR energy. By pairing an InGaAs [Indium Gallium Arsenide] detector with a SWIR-optimized lens, SWIR is converted to a visible image that can be utilized by humans and machines.

    electromagnetic spectrum scale

    Optimized Waveband 0.7-2.5µm
    Maximum Aperture F/1.6
    Image Diameter 21mm
    Interface M42 Mount
    • C-mount
    • Filter Holders
    • Adapters Available
    • Manual Iris
    • Manual Focus
    Focal Length 200mm
    FLIR Boson 640