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SWIR M1614-SW 2/3 inch 16mm, F1.4, C- Mount, Manual Iris

SWIR M1614-SW 2/3 inch 16mm, F1.4, C- Mount, Manual Iris
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SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) Lenses are specifically designed for Machine Vision applications in NIR and SWIR.

  • Unique coating technology delivers high transmission from 800nm-1,700nm
  • High-resolution, low-distortion design offers Megapixel clarity in hyperspectral application
  • Also available in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm
  • Designed around the popular φ12.3mm image circle format
  • The industry’s most compact form factor.  Fits in most applications
  • Compatible with FLIR TAU SWIR 

Model No. M1614-SW  
Focal Length 16mm  
Max. Aperture Ratio 1:1.4  
Max. Image Circle φ12.3mm  
Operation Range    
Iris F1.4‐ F16C  
Focus 0.3m ‐ Inf.  
Iris Manual  
Focus Manual  
Object Dimension at M.O.D    
2/3 type 17.0cm x 12.7cm  
1/2 type 12.3cm x 9.2cm  
Angle of View    


2/3 type H8.80mm x V6.60mm 37.7°
H 30.6°
V 23.2°
D 1/2 type H6.40mm x V4.80mm 27.9°
H 22.5°
V 16.9°
Angle of View
( InGaAs Detector)
D 640 x 512
(Pixel Pitch : 15μm)
H9.60mm x V7.68mm
H 33.2°
V 26.8°
D 320 x 256
(Pixel Pitch : 25μm)
8.00mm x V6.40mm
H 27.9°
V 22.5°
D 320 x 256
(Pixel Pitch : 20μm)
H6.40mm x V5.12mm
H 22.5°
V 18.0°
Operating Temperature -10℃ ‐ +50℃  
Effective Lens Aperture    
Front φ18.5mm  
Rear φ13.2mm  
2/3 Type -0.5% (y=5.5)  
1/2 Type -0.5% (y=4.0)  
Back Focal Length 13.3mm  
Flange Back Length 17.526mm  
Mount C-Mount  
Filter Size M30.5 P=0.5mm  
Dimensions φ33.5mm x 28.2mm  
Weight 60g  
FLIR Boson 640