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SKU: Axis Q7401
Product Highlights OEM Board Level Encoder - H.264 AXIS Q7401-OEM Video Encoder is a high performance, single channel board solution that integrates an analog camera into an IP-based video surveillance system. With outstanding video processing capabilities, AXIS Q7401-OEM delivers superb video quality and significant savings in bandwidth and storage. Reduced bandwidth and storage needs AXIS Q7401-OEM offers the highly efficient H.264 video compression, which drastically reduces bandwidth a..
SKU: 7332558008683
Gigabit PoE injector 16 W,‎ with multi-plugs Power system AC operation Input: 100–240 V,‎ 50–60 Hz DC operation Output: 56 VDC Power 15.4 W Physical data Size (L × W × H)‎ 86× 50 × 33 mm (3.4 × 2.0 × 1.3 in.)‎ Color Black Shipping information List of contents PoE injector EU plug UK plug US plug AU plug EAN-13 7332558008683 4743254001787 (Estonia plant)‎..
SKU: 421-0045-00
The Photon Replicator Kit includes a Photon Replicator Board, as well as a wearsaver and rear cover, that emulates the 15-pin D-sub electrical interface to Photon 320. A "horseshoe" shaped bracket is also included that, when attached to the Tau, exactly mimics the mounting scheme of the Photon 320 camera. The Photon Replicator Kit was designed for the Tau 320. Although the kit will work with the Tau 640, digital data cannot be passed through the wearsaver connector since more data lines are re..
SKU: 421-0051-00
PCB Assembly Lens Focus Tool Tripod Mount VPC Module Photon Replicator Board Locking Nut  Tau Locking Nut Tau Quick Start Guide USB Flash Drive Latching Cable Assembly Latching Connector, 30pin Contact Pins (30ea) 1.5mm Hex Key All-In-One Package Everything You Need To Get Started TAU Sold Separately The FLIR TAU/Quark starter kit includes: PCB Assembly - TAU/Quark Development (250-0487-00) VPC Module - TAU/Quark, Accessory (421-0048-00) Tripod Mount - TAU..
SKU: 421-0046-00
The Camera Link module is an expansion board for the Tau cameras that matches the functionality of the VPC Module and adds the ability to access digital data via Camera Link connection. The Camera Link module takes CMOS-type digital data from the Tau camera and converts it to Camera Link. This module does not include a Camera Link cable, frame grabber, or capture software.The Tau Camera is powered through the mini-USB connector with a nominal draw of 250mA at 5VDC for both the camera and the acc..
SKU: 261-1485-00
FLIR NFOV Lens Holder for the FLIR TAU 2 Thermal Cameras..
SKU: 421-0047-00
FLIR Tau PCB Wearsaver with Solder PadsA low-profile adapter that attaches to the Tau's 50-pin Hirose connector, furnishing a solder pad interface. Schematic included.The Tau2 Wearsaver was designed to be an internal engineering/manufacturing calibration accessory, rather than an OEM interface. There is a Hirose mating connector on one side of the board, as shown in the picture below: When the Wearsaver is attached to the Tau2 camera, there are no exposed connectors, just the solder pads for ..
SKU: 110-0142-16
FLIR SDK software for the FLIR TAU Series Cameras The Tau Software Developer's Kit (SDK part number enables camera control using one of several programming languages including VB6,, C#, and C++ (MFC). Code examples are included to help illustrate how some of the camera control functions can be used. The FLIR Camera Controller GUI is an example of an application created using the Tau SDK...
SKU: 261-2071-00
This adapter allows you to convert two of the mounting points on the Tau camera to a standard 1/4" x 20 tripod mounting plate. This adapter also works with the FLIR VUE series cameras: FLIR VUE FLIR VUE PRO FLIR VUE PRO R Adapt two of the mounting points on the Tau camera to a standard 1/4" x 20 tripod mounting plate. The tripod adapter mounts to the bottom of Tau camera using two furnished socket head screws...
SKU: 421-0037-00
The Tau Focus Tool can be used to change the focus of the wide field of view (WFOV) 5.5mm, 7.5mm, 9mm, 13mm, or 19mm lenses.The focus-tool accessory, allows any FLIR TAU lens which cannot be focused by hand to be focused by engaging the appropriate slots on the lens barrel such that it can be rotated inside the lens flange. (The focus tool has been properly sized such that no vignetting results when itengages the slots on the lens barrel.) Note that lens configurations with focal length.  Note ..
SKU: 421-0041-00
The lens locking ring is designed to mount a Tau WFOV camera into a bulkhead. The M29 x 1.0 thread on the outside of the lens mount flange is placed through the clearance hole in the bulkhead and the O-ring seals the camera to the face. The Type 2-025 O-ring is not for sale through FLIR. This is a standard O-ring available from many suppliers...
SKU: 421-0042-00
The lock nut tool will attach to a torque wrench for proper tightening of the lens locking ring. Torque the locking ring to 4.0 in-lbs...
Features:  Inputs: composite and Y/C Output DFG/USB2pro: USB 2.0, uncompressed image data stream without audio Output DFG/USB2aud: USB2.0, uncompressed image and audio data stream Video formats: PAL/CCIR, NTSC/RS-170 - Max resolution (NTSC/RS-170): 640x480 @ 30 Hz Max resolution (PAL/CCIR): 768x576 @ 25 Hz Despite the fast growing world of digital cameras, there is still an enormous number of analog video sources. Using a Video-to-USB converter, such as the DFG/USB2pro and the DFG/USB2au..
Video-to-USB 2.0 converter Video standards: PAL/NTSC, RS-170/CCIR RCA (Cinch): 1 input Y/C (S-Video): 1 input USB 2.0, Type B Manufactured by The Imaging Source GENERAL BEHAVIOR Video formats @ frame rate (maximum) PAL: 768×576 (0.4 MP) @ 25 fps NTSC: 640×480 (0.3 MP) @ 30 fps Video standards PAL/NTSC, RS-170/CCIR Analog inputs RCA (Cinch): 1 input Y/C (S-Video): 1 input Multiplexed Bus interface USB 2.0, Type B Color formats UYVY, Y800 Square pixel..
Features: Max. resolution (HD-SDI): 1920x1080 at 30 fps Output: USB 3.0 uncompressed image data stream Compatible with color and monochrome cameras Includes drivers compatible to DirectShow, DirectX, TWAIN, VfW, WDM, ActivVisionTools, HALCON, LabVIEW, Matlab, and NeuroCheck Includes acquisition software, IC Capture, for Windows 7/8/10, Vista and XP Includes SDK, IC Imaging Control Free barcode SDK for Windows 7/8/10 HD-SDI is a serial, digital interface, primarily designed to transmit ..
SKU: ioi-ptz-tracker
ioi PTZ Tracker Distributed Intelligent Video Encoder The PTZ Tracker analyzes video signals and sends alarm notifications when people, vehicles or objects cross perimeter lines, enter pre-defined regions, or are left behind or removed from scenes. Users can customize zones and define what to detect. With Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras, once a moving object is detected, the PTZ tracker automatically controls the PTZ camera to autonomously track and zoom in on potential threats. HYB..
OEM Image Stabilizer Highlights Stabilizes shaky camera images Works with Standard Analog Cameras Works with Standard Analog Cameras NTSC or PAL Video In and Out Composite Video In & Out (S-Video Optional) Unlimited Spatial Correction Digitally stabilize shaky and unsteady analog video images live or pre-recorded. Color, Monochrome, or Thermal cameras supported. Cameras mounted on poles, towers, UAVs, or vehicles that shake and vibrate can easily be steadied using the RHP-IS-OEM Digital..
SKU: 261-1467-00
FLIR Photon Replicator Board CoverRear Cover for the FLIR Photon/Tau Series Thermal Cameras...
Product Highlights 3G/HD/SD-SDI to HDMI Video Converter with Scaling Simultaneous 1 x HDMI and 2 x SDI output Simultaneous 1 x HDMI and 2 x SDI Output Video Converter During the integration of your camera you may need a few things along the way. We currently have the RHP-3GSDI-HDMI-S which is a 3G/HD/SD-SDI to HDMI Converter with Scaling Auto source format detection (3G/HD/SD). Built-in hardware scaling engine with anti-aliasing Simultaneous 1 x HDMI and 2 x SDI output. Split..
SKU: TRK-101
TRK-101 Analytics Encoder The TRK-101 analyzes video signals and sends alarm notifications when people, vehicles and objects cross perimeter lines, enter pre-defined regions, or are left behind or removed from a scene. Users can define perimeters and customize what to detect. The TRK-101 has both analog and IP streaming video outputs that enable hybrid connectivity to both legacy and IP-based CCTV networks. The encoder also integrates with existing fixed analog cameras for retrofit of existing ..
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