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Scion Accessories

Scion Docking Station (GTX100) Built for customization and flexibility, the GTX100 mounts to vertical and horizontal surfaces, including boat cabin walls and squad vehicle center consoles. A built-in locking feature securely latches the FLIR Scion thermal imaging monocular in place during prolonged vibration and abrupt directional shifts. The GTX100 charges FLIR GPX310 rechargeable batteries when used with Scion monoculars. Achieving an IP56 rating, the GTX100 is tested to withstand ..
Scion Rechargeable Battery Kit (GPX310) 32 WHR RECHARGEABLE BATTERY KIT The GPX310 lets you operate FLIR Scion thermal imagining monoculars for up to 10 hours. Its high-capacity 8.5 Ah battery pack features a smart fuel gauge that displays on-screen battery life when the Scion is on. Added electronics protection helps prevent battery-related safety incidents. ..
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