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FLIR Vue Accessories

The FLIR VUE Series Voltage Regulator is an interface for the camera to provide power and obtain video. The Voltage Regulator allows you to connect to virtually any sUAS battery source to provide the constant 5 Volts DC needed to operate the FLIR VUE PRO and FLIR VUE cameras...
Controlling your thermal core is easy Control the FLIR TAU2 and VUE remotely with our RC Interface.     Assign virtually any feature to the RC controller and change all camera options ‘on-the-fly’   Continuous Digital Zoom Color Palette Selection FFC (NUC) Shutter Control Spot Meter / Temp Reading (DDE) Digital Detail Enhancement Thermal AGC Contrast & Brightness Capture Images to TAU2’s Memory 7 to 32 Volts DC Input Reverse Polarity Prot..
SKU: 4206334
10-pin mini-USB connector Accepts a wide input power range Reverse polarity protection Outputs HDMI Video for down-link systems 15 Grams This product is only compatible with the DJI Lightbridge and 3DR Solo systems.The Power/Video Module makes the Vue Pro and Vue Pro R easier to integrate than ever. Its 10-pin mini-USB connector accepts a wide input power range and provides reverse polarity protection while still providing analog video output and access to the camera’s on-board storage...
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