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Upgrade A300 to A320 Tempscreen

Upgrade A300 to A320 Tempscreen
25° HFoV | 18mm A300
Upgrade A300 to A320 Tempscreen
  • Upgrading your current A3xx cameras saves the time and effort needed to install and integrate new camera systems
  • Screening mode compares an individual’s skin temperature against an average from a sample of people that can be updated frequently throughout screening
  • By comparing people to people instead of to a calibrated heat source (black body), Screening mode compensates for normal temperature variations caused by time of day or environmental changes
  • Signify a color for above average temperatures, or set an audible alarm to sound when an individual’s measured skin temperature exceeds the average by a set amount. Both alarms can inform decisions on whether an individual requires further screening

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For FLIR A300 Fixed-Mount Thermal Camera Solutions

The FLIR A320 Tempscreen upgrade prepares your A300 fixed-mount thermal camera for use in elevated skin temperature screening in entryways, hallways, open areas, or any place where you want to introduce temperature screening safety measures.

This upgrade features a Screening mode that detect temperatures deviations for use in rapid, non-contact screening for elevated skin temperature. Screening mode can determine an average skin temperature based on a sample of people from the testing location and then identify individuals whose skin temperature exceeds the sampled average. People identified with a higher temperature can then be checked individually with a medical device.

What is Screening mode?

Certain FLIR cameras include a Screening mode that provides an alarm when an object or person is detected to have an elevated temperature compared against a sampled average temperature value. Screening mode is not an absolute temperature measurement. Activating the Screening mode will turn on a measurement box and screening data on the camera’s screen that includes:

  • Sampled Average Temperature
  • Alarm Temperature
  • Measured Temperature

In Screening mode, the operator saves the skin temperature data from ten people at the testing location to set the Sampled Average Temperature. An Alarm Temperature is then set by the operator by applying a delta, which is typically between 1°C and 3°C, resulting in an alarm temperature that’s 1°C-3°C greater than the Sampled Average Temperature. Each person is then screened individually, and their Measured Temperature is compared against the Alarm Temperature.

The Sampled Average Temperature should be updated through the screening operation period. By doing this, Screening mode helps account for many potential variations during screening throughout the day, including fluctuations in average person temperatures due to natural environmental changes, like ambient temperature changes. Screening mode reduces the need for absolute accuracy throughout the day and even self-calibrates to remove potential errors in absolute accuracy from camera to camera.

The Flir A320 Tempscreen cameras offer screening mode which is highly stable at room temperature, and makes them well suited for this application.

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