FLIR Scion PTM466 12° Field of View-640 x 512-35mm

FLIR Scion PTM466 12° Field of View-640 x 512-35mm

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FLIR SCION PTM336 Professional Thermal Monocular

FLIR Scion PTM336 9° Field of View-320 x 256-25mm

Scion Rechargeable Battery Kit

Scion Rechargeable Battery Kit

FLIR Scion PTM466 12° Field of View-640 x 512-35mm

  • Core Technology: BOSON 12 µm VOx Microbolometer
  • Field of View: 12°(H) × 9°(V)
  • Resolution: 640 x 512
  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Digital Zoom: 1X | 2X | 4X
  • 2 GB Internal Storage / Optional microSD™ Card (up o 128 GB)
  • Up to 6x CR123A 3V Lithium Battery
  • WiFi - Video Streaming
  • Bluetooth: BLE 4.1+
  • GPS Capable

FLIR Scion PTM466


Built to equip law enforcement professionals with superior thermal surveillance, the FLIR Scion™ PTM466 packs high-performance thermal imaging and FLIR TruWITNESS® compatibility into a rugged, IP67-rated handheld monocular. Capable of geotagged video recording and live video transmission, the Scion PTM can instantly stream encrypted thermal footage of any pursuit, evidence recovery, or search and rescue effort to the command center via wireless network. A smooth 60 Hz refresh rate and picture-in-picture zoom capture minute details from a distance and maintain peripheral awareness for constant thermal supervision of suspects, team members, and standbys.


Pairing Scion PTM466 with FLIR’s innovative TruWITNESS platform provides public safety agencies with enhanced situational awareness and real-time centralized information for public safety agencies.

Pairing the Scion PTM with FLIR’s innovative TruWITNESS® platform links powerful thermal imaging with other smart sensors on the ground, in the air, and everywhere in-between, providing enhanced situational awareness and real-time centralized information for public safety agencies.


The full-featured Scion PTM466 packs onboard recording, picture-in-picture zoom, and intuitive controls into a rugged thermal optic

Polished internal menus allow rapid switching between six different thermal palettes and provide easy access to advanced features. GPS geotagging, onboard recording, and expandable microSD™ storage offer superb evidence review options while a rugged, IP67-rated housing protects key components in vital situations.


The advanced image processing of FLIR’s Boson thermal core paired with a 60 Hz image refresh rate provide smooth, unwavering vision in challenging environments.

FLIR outfits law enforcement professionals with tools to counter unseen threats. Able to perform at any time of day, thermal imaging pierces complete darkness, glaring light, and lingering haze to provide superior awareness in difficult conditions. The advanced image processing of FLIR’s Boson® thermal core paired with a 60 Hz image refresh rate provide smooth, unwavering vision in challenging environments.


We have replaced the original packaged batteries for the FLIR Scion with rechargeable CR123A Lithium batteries.

This unit is capable of using 2, 4, or 6 rechargeable or non-rechargeable CR123A Lithium batteries.

When charging, batteries should be removed from the battery tray and charged individually, on a compatible stand alone charger.

Charging batteries in series is not recommended.

Once charging is complete, verify that the Scion is powered off and the USB cable is disconnected before installing battery pack.


Product documentation and user manual are stored on the internal memory for your convenience.

    To access the user manual:
  • 1. Power Unit ON
  • 2. Connect unit to PC or MAC Via USB
  • 3. Browse to internal storage location
  • 4. Open desired user guide


Remove the Battery Tray from the Scion. Locate the SD Card slot at the front of the camera as shown.

Using a fingertip, pull the SD Card Door Latch upwards, then away from the the slot to reveal the gold contacts.

The SD Card will need to be inserted between the two edge rails on the door.

Make certain the card is inserted correctly before closing the door.

Once the card is placed in the SD Card door, flip the door up into place.

With a slight pressure on the door, lock the door into place by sliding the door down into its original position.

 Scion PTM166Scion PTM336Scion PTM366 Scion PTM466
Detector Type 640 × 512 320 × 240 640 × 512 640 × 512
Eye Relief 16 mm
Internal Memory 2 GB Internal Storage / Optional microSD™ Card (up to 128 GB)
Size 227 × 76.8 × 60.5 mm
(9 × 3 × 2.4 in)
239 × 76.8 × 60.5 mm
(9.4 × 3 × 2.4 in)
239 × 76.8 × 60.5 mm
(9.4 × 3 × 2.4 in)
278 x 77 x 73mm
(10.9 x 3.03 x 2.87)
Color (housing) Black
Lens System 14 mm 25 mm 25 mm 36mm
Optical Magnification .7x 2.6x 1.3x 2.0x
Display Focus Manual
Core Technology BOSON 12 µm Vox Microbolometer
Bluetooth BLE 4.1+
Geo Positioning [GPS] No Yes
Video Recording Yes
WiFi Video Streaming, File Transfer
TruWITNESS Integration Yes
Digital Zoom 1X | 2X | 4X | 8X 1X | 2X | 4X 1X | 2X | 4X | 8X
Field of View 32° × 24° 9° × 6.5° 18° × 13° 12° x 9°
Focus Manual
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Mounting ¼-20 Tripod Mount      
Weight Without Batteries: 452 g;
With Batteries 572 g
Without Batteries: 567 g;
With Batteries 680 g
Without Batteries: 680g
With Batteries (6): 793g
Auto Power Off Yes
Battery Life Up to 4.5 hours at 20°C
Battery Type 6x CR123A 3V Lithium Battery
Display Quad-VGA (1280x960) High definition display
Image Capture Yes
User Interface USB-C; Power In; Video Out; Video and Image File Transfer
Temperature Imaging Modes White Hot; Black Hot; Iron Bow; Rainbow; Graded Fire; Lava
Viewing Modes Scouting, Picture-in-Picture
Picture While Recording Yes
Real Time Clock Yes
DateTime Stamp Yes
Magnetic Compass Yes
Accelerometer Yes
Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price:
FLIR Scion PTM-166 32° × 24° FoV 320 x 240-14mm 7TM-01-F310 $3,295.00
FLIR Scion PTM-336 9° × 6.5° FoV-320 x 240-25mm 7TM-01-F320 $3,795.00
FLIR Scion PTM-366 18° × 13° FoV 640 x 480-25mm 7TM-01-F330 $3,995.00
FLIR Scion PTM-466 12° × 9° FoV 640 x 480-35mm 7TM-01-F350 $3,995.00