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Videology 20B45M-12 Mini CMOS Color Camera

Videology 20B45M-12 Mini CMOS Color Camera
  • 16.6x17.2mm Compact Design

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The Videology 20B45M-12 color board camera is a ultra compact board camera with a 14mm x 14mm unenclosed footprint. The 20B45M-12 color board camera series features a low power 1/4" CMOS and CCD image sensors with ultra wide temperature and vibration specifications. This board camera version weighs in at about 0.5g (0.01 oz) without a lens mount. Active pixel resolution is at 640x480 and a TV resolution of 420 TV lines. Optional models include balanced video output and can be prepared for computer control via I²C.

20B45M-12 Board Camera Features

  • Size: 17x17mm Housed Camera
  • Low power 1/4" CMOS sensor with ultra wide temperature & vibration spec.
  • Image sensor has 2x the sensitivity of the 1/3" Sony Ex-View
  • NTSC/PAL (true two field) analog composite video output
  • Computer controllable via I²C
  • Day/Night
  • Optional models can include
    - 5 volts DC
    - Balanced video out
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