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RHP BOSON VPC TTL Interface Module

RHP BOSON VPC TTL Interface Module


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RHP BOSON VPC TTL Interface Module


Quick Overview

Product Highlights

  • VPC - Video, Power & Communication

  • USB or TTL Communication

  • Power via USB or 5 to 26Volts DC Input

  • Reverse Polarity Protected

  • Stream Video to PC via USB

  • 2 Composite Video Outputs - Switchable to Sync Input/Output

  • Low Profile

  • Alternate connection ports


Availability: Available


The RHP Boson VIdeo Power Communication (VPC) Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) Interface Module maximizes integration.

This module accepts wide input voltage ranges from 5 to 26 Volts DC with reverse polarity protection.

With two alternate Video/Power connections the VPC TTL IF Module allows for a variety of installation options.

Parameters available on the FLIR Boson can be adjusted using the FLIR Boson GUI when connected to your PC via the supplied USB cable.

Power can be provided via the USB connection or DC Voltage using the provided 6-Pin Video/Power cable or the 7-Pin Pico Blade cable.

With this kit you will be able to bring FLIR’s BOSON thermal imaging camera to life via the reverse polarity protected 5 to 26Volts DC Input. Video can be viewed through either the USB supplied JST to USB/Video cable, JST to Bare End Lead cable or 7-Pin Pico Blade to Bare End Lead cable.

Either video output can be changed to provide Sync Input/Output, via a jumper on the back of the RHP-VPC-TTL Board.
Control is maintained over USB or 3.3V TTL signals. This makes TTL Support available for any project integration.

This kit includes:

  • 6-PIN JST to USB/RCA Video cable (1)
  • 6-PIN JST to Bare End Leads (1)
  • 7-PIN PICO Blade to Bare End Leads (1)
  • M1.6 6mm Screws (4)
  • M1.6 10mm Screws (4)
  • Rear Cover for VPC-TTL Board (1)
  • Allen Key (1)
  • RHP VPC-TTL-IF Board (1)
  • Quick Start Guide (1)

When attaching the VPC-TTL-IF Board, be sure to use proper personal grounding, such as a grounding wrist strap, to prevent damage the module.


Power Requirements:  5 Volts DC - 25 Volts DC
Power Dissipated:  Avg. 0.84W - Max. 2W
Dimensions:  21mm x 21mm
Weight:  2.6 grams
Control:  USB 2.0 and/or 3.3V TTL
Video Output:  NTSC 30Hz / PAL 25Hz
Sync Output: Master/Slave


Available Accessories for the FLIR Boson Thermal Imaging Camera

RC-IF VPC TTL LOW PROFILE VPC USB VPC KIT USB/Analog VPC Kit Boson Development Board USB/CameraLink Board
Voltage Input 6-26Volts DC 5-26Volts DC 5-26Volts DC 5Volts DC 5Volts DC 5-12Volts DC 5Volts DC

Voltage Output

Regulated 5Volts DC 1.8-3.3Volts DC
Power via USB
Power via 6-Pin JST
Power via 7-Pin PicoBlade
Image Control              
FFC Control
DDE Control
AGC Control
Digital Zoom
Continuous Digital Zoom
Flip / Mirror Image VIA GUI
Video via USB
Palette Select via FLIR GUI
Assignable PWM Inputs
Assignable S-Bus Inputs
Video Output              
Digital Video Output
Composite Video Outputs Available 2 2 2 1 USB Only SDR-26
Video Sync              
Via 6-pin JST
Via PicoBlade
Interface Options              
80-pin Connection
USB 3 Connection
JST Connection
Serial Communication
100/GigE Ethernet* *
Storage Options
Micro SDCard* *

* Some features may not yet be available on the FLIR brand accessories.

Boson VPC TTL IF Module - What's in the Box

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