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FLIR MD Series

Affordable and compact MD-Series thermal night vision cameras are easy to mount and integrate simply with your electronics network. Available in 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 resolutions.

FLIR M100/200 Series

Adjustable Tilt or Pan/Tilt marine thermal camera is FLIR's smallest and most affordable installed marine thermal night vision camera, lets boaters see at night in the 320 x 240 thermal resolution.

FLIR M-Series

The M-Series pan/tilt re-defines maritime multi-sensor system design, drawing on FLIR’s 25 years of experience in building combat-proven airborne and maritime thermal imagers.

FLIR M-Series Next Generation

TThe M-Series creates thermal images with tremendous detail for such an affordable night vision system. You will see more—and see farther—even in the dead of night. An optional lowlight TV camera provides enhanced navigational abilities during twilight hours.

FLIR M400/M400XR

The FLIR M400’s advanced 640x480 sensor delivers crisp thermal video images combined with an integrated HD color visible camera and tight-beam LED spotlight augment target identification for added safety.

FLIR M-Series

The FLIR M500 cooled thermal night vision camera is FLIR's most technologically advanced M-Series camera ever. Cryogenically cooled Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) thermal sensor, excels at both short and ultra-long range detection and identification.