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FLIR Ocean Scout TK

FLIR Ocean Scout TK <9Hz

SKU#: 432-0012-22-00S

(In stock)

FLIR Ocean Scout TK <9Hz

SKU#: 432-0012-22-00S

Quick Overview

Product Highlights:

  • 160 × 120 VOx Microbolometer

  • < 5 hour Battery Life

  • < 9Hz

  • Field of View (FoV) 20° × 16°

  • < 5 Second Start Up


Availability: Available


The FLIR Ocean Scout TK is a marine thermal camera that extends your vision on the water, day or night, for greater awareness and safety.

As a thermal imager, the Ocean Scout TK creates images based on heat, not visible light. Vessels, watercraft, buoys, and other obstacles give off heat and appear clearly in all lighting conditions - from pitch darkness to blinding sun glare.

At a breakthrough price of $599, the Ocean Scout TK is an affordable way to enjoy your time on the water and explore your world with thermal vision.


See obstacles and objects like boats, buoys, and channel markers up to 130 yards away, and steer clear of rocks and floating debris. Identify landmarks like docks, inlets, and jetties and locate people and pets overboard.


Pocket-sized and designed for single-handed use, FLIR Scout TK starts up in seconds and requires no training. It offers a simple four-button design and intuitive interface. Choose between nine video palettes, including White/Black Hot, InstAlert™, and Graded Fire. Plus, it’s built with a rugged, weather-resistant shell that can withstand bumps and splashes on the trail.



See Heat, Instead of Light

See marine mammals, or discover wildlife back on shore


Video & Image Capture

Store up to 1000 thermal snapshots. Record thermal video


Video Detection Palettes

Choose from multiple color palettes

Additional Information

Export Controlled No
Product Type Marine
Schematics No Information Available.

Handheld Model: OS 240
< 9Hz
OS 320
< 9Hz
OS 640
< 9Hz
< 9Hz
Lens Options:
Frame Rate: <9Hz or 30 Hz <9Hz NTSC or 30 Hz <9Hz NTSC or 30 Hz <9Hz NTSC or 30 Hz
Display: 640 x 480 LCD Display
Field of View
(H x V)
24° x 18°*
17° x 13°*
18° x 14°*
20° × 16°*
Start up <1.5 seconds <5 Seconds
Waveband 7.5 - 13.5µm
Thermal Sensitivity <50mK @f/1.0 n/a
Detector Type 240 × 180 VOx Microbolometer 336 × 256 VOx Microbolometer 640 x 512 VOx Microbolometer 160 × 120 VOx Microbolometer
Image Processing FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
Focal Length 13mm Fixed Focus 19mm Fixed Focus 35mm Fixed Focus  
User Interface
Power Button On/Off
Zoom Button Freeze Frame 2X Zoom 2X & 4X Zoom   
Color Pallettes Black Hot / White Hot /InstAlert™ Black Hot, White Hot, InstAlert™ Rainbow, Iron, Lava, Arctic & Graded Fire
Brightness Adjusts display Brightness Setting Brightness (Toggle up<>down)
Task Light/Pointer LED enabled during Power Off state n/a
Image Capture       Short press for Image capture, long press for Video capture
Image Download       USB
Image Presentation
Built-In Display 640 x 480 LCD Display
Video Output No Composite Video Output
(320 & 640 model only)
Video Refresh Rate <9Hz or 30 Hz <9Hz NTSC or 30 Hz <9Hz NTSC or 30 Hz <9Hz NTSC
On-Screen Symbology        
Image Polarity White Hot / Black Hot / InstAlert™ selectable  
Zoom Button Freeze Frame 2x Zoom 2x, 4x Zoom  
Battery Type Internal Li-Ion Cell
Battery Life (Operating) >5 Hours
Rating IP-67, Submersible
Operating Temp. -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C) -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)
Storage Temp. -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
Drop 1 m drop n/a
Weight (incl. lens) 12oz (340g) 6 oz (170g)
Size (L × W × H) 6.70" x 2.31" x 2.44" 4.0” x 1.5” x 1.5”
Packages Include Handheld Thermal Camera,USB Power Adapter/ Charger,Wrist strap,
Custom Video out cable (320 version), USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Molle bag
Handheld Thermal Camera, 
Neck Lanyard,
USB Cable, Lens Cap
Range Performance
Detect Man (1.8 m × 0.5 m): 1,150ft. (350m) 1,800ft. (550m) 3,740ft. (1,140m) Spot obstacles and objects up to 130 yards away
Detect Small Vessel (2.3 m × 2.3 m): 2,940 ft (895m) 5,085 ft (1,550m) 9,842ft (3,000m)

Available Accessories for the FLIR Boson Thermal Imaging Camera

RC-IF Low Profile VPC USB VPC KIT USB/Analog VPC Kit Boson Development Board USB/CameraLink Board
Voltage Input 6-26Volts DC 5-26Volts DC 5Volts DC 5Volts DC 5-12Volts DC 5Volts DC

Voltage Output

Regulated 5Volts DC 1.8-3.3Volts DC
Power Via USB
Power 6-Pin JST
Image Control            
FFC Control
DDE Control
AGC Control
Digital Zoom
Continuous Digital Zoom
Flip / Mirror Image VIA GUI
Video via USB
Palette Select via FLIR GUI
Assignable PWM Inputs
Assignable S-Bus Inputs
Video Output            
Digital Video Output
Composite Video Outputs Available 2 2 1 USB Only SDR-26
Interface Options            
80-pin Connection
USB 3 Connection
JST Connection
Serial Communication
100/GigE Ethernet* *
Storage Options
Micro SDCard* *

* Some features may not yet be available on the FLIR brand accessories.