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Boson CameraLink Kit

FLIR Boson CameraLink Accessory

SKU#: 250-0609-00

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  • Boson CameraLink Kit Boson CameraLink Kit
  • Boson CameraLink Kit Boson CameraLink Kit
  • Boson CameraLink Kit Drawing Boson CameraLink Kit Drawing

FLIR Boson CameraLink Accessory

SKU#: 250-0609-00

Quick Overview

  • CameraLink and USB interface to Boson video

  • converts Boson’s CMOS video

  • Standard SDR-26 receptacle

  • USB-3 micro-B

This product is only available with the purchase of a FLIR BOSON Thermal Camera.
If you have previously purchased a Boson unit from OEMCameras, please contact us for more information. 


Availability: Available


The Camera Link accessory, converts Boson’s CMOS video signal into a CameraLink-compliant output, with physical interface via a standard SDR-26 receptacle. Communication and power to the Boson is provided via a standard USB-3 micro-B (Super Speed) receptacle. Note: A USB-2 micro-B cable is an acceptable alternative to a USB-3 micro-B cable for communication and power.

Additional Information

Export Controlled No
Product Type No Information Available at this time
Schematics No Information Available at this time
View File FLIR GUI Setup Size: (441 Bytes)

Available Accessories for the FLIR Boson Thermal Imaging Camera

RC-IF Low Profile VPC USB VPC KIT USB/Analog VPC Kit Boson Development Board USB/CameraLink Board
Voltage Input 6-26Volts DC 5-26Volts DC 5Volts DC 5Volts DC 5-12Volts DC 5Volts DC

Voltage Output

Regulated 5Volts DC 1.8-3.3Volts DC
Power Via USB
Power 6-Pin JST
Image Control            
FFC Control
DDE Control
AGC Control
Digital Zoom
Continuous Digital Zoom
Flip / Mirror Image VIA GUI
Video via USB
Palette Select via FLIR GUI
Assignable PWM Inputs
Assignable S-Bus Inputs
Video Output            
Digital Video Output
Composite Video Outputs Available 2 2 1 USB Only SDR-26
Interface Options            
80-pin Connection
USB 3 Connection
JST Connection
Serial Communication
100/GigE Ethernet* *
Storage Options
Micro SDCard* *

* Some features may not yet be available on the FLIR brand accessories.

Boson CameraLink Kit - What's in the Box

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